Ambassador marketing includes anyone whom are chosen to symbolize the brand, its products and/or services. They could be influencers, loyal fans of the brand or even the employees of the brand. Brand ambassadors markets products/services of a brand through “word of mouth”, face-to-face or through social media. They are a human representation of the brand hence it is crucial for them to have a thorough understanding of the brand’s personality and voice. They can also communicate with consumers via other marketing channels such as emails, messaging and one-to-one strategies.

Why choose ambassador marketing?

Ambassador marketing is one of the most effective ways to create brand awareness, disseminate information and create brand loyalty because they seem more authentic to consumers hearing from their peers or from key opinion leaders(KOL), whom they trust. Consumers are also more likely to trust KOLs if they know that they are not paid to share about a brand. This is because consumers nowadays are doubtful of advertisements as many advertisements out there are not carefully curated hence they may seem like spam to consumers.

Brand ambassadors also help to boost brand recognition and brand recall as they help brands remain visible to consumers. They help to deliver a constant and consistent message, that aligns with the brand’s vision and goals. Furthermore, brand ambassadors is also the best way to cultivate relationship with a brand’s fanbase as they often start as fans of the brand and its products. Hence, fans are more willing to interact with brand ambassadors as they trust them.

Despite the many attractive benefits that ambassador marketing offers, not many companies are effectively using it in their marketing strategy.

At Bluehive Consulting, we have been successful in implementing this strategy through helping our clients to gain credibility by partnering with the right ambassadors to boost their brands.

Here’s what Bluehive Consulting can do for your ambassador marketing campaign:

  • Identify compatible and profitable brand ambassadors
  • Liaise and detail partnership objectives for a win-win situation
  • Measure and optimise campaign performance
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