Change management is all about people adapting to change. If there are no employees, there is no meaning in creating a new organisation, designing new work process or implementing new technologies. This is because, in order to achieve financial success, the employees of the organisation have to be able to embrace change. Change management includes the processes, tools and techniques used to supervise the people side of change and achieve desired business goals and outcome. Furthermore, change management is directed on helping employees embody change, adopt and utilise a change in their daily work. 

What is the change management process?

Change management can be a series of steps an employee follows for a project or initiative, which are the strategy and plans focused on easing employees through the change. Some steps are:

  • Preparing for change (doing assessments that ease the formulation of a strategy)
  • Managing change (where change management plans are integrated into the project plan)
  • Reinforcing change
  • Change Management Competency (Change competency is a leader or manager’s ability to lead people through change. The notion of a leadership competency is universal, but what that competency entails depends on a person’s relationship to change, but is also known as demonstrating commitment to change, both individually and within an organisation)

Change management is not just all about connecting with others and training. It’s not just managing resistance. Effective change management pursues a disciplined process and employs a comprehensive array of tools to drive successful individual and organizational change.

Organizations do not change. People within organizations change. It is the cumulative impact of successful individual change that results in rewarding organizational change. If individuals do not make changes to their daily work process, an organizational transformation effort will not deliver results.

Bluehive Consulting supports and guides companies navigating business transitions and change, balancing strategic and operational dimensions of change with human and cultural understanding. We understand the disruptions and the impacts on managers and employees; and work with leaders to overcome resistance and brings about bigger appreciation of the positive impacts and new opportunities in the organisation.

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