Our economies are greatly impacted now and will change forever. Buyer behaviour and market sentiment have completely flipped and budgets in addition to expenses are also out of the windows.

The speed at which an organization can recreate themselves and find a new opportunity to create new streams of income determines who gets to play in the next round. Technology will assist in this process by speeding it up and providing value creation which can help to increases brand awareness, sales revenue and enhance long-term competitiveness and growth.

Regardless of the size of your organisation, technology provides both tangible and intangible benefits that will assist your organisation in generating revenue and meeting your business goals in addition to your marketing objectives.

At Bluehive Consulting, we work with with organisations to transform their processes with a quick S.T.A.R.T approach to using technology. Complimenting the manpower issue – of identifying, regrouping, training and transforming with a way to embed technology.

Using the proprietary S.T.A.R.T right framework, which stands for SME, Technology, Adoption, Revenue and Transform.

Bluehive Consulting implements projects which everyone can contribute to through using technology in the most important areas, gaining wide user adoption that leads to revenue and transformation.

An example:

  • SME- This is a bite-size approach to prioritise and get started
  • Technology that matches the priorities- Bluehive will help to identify, evaluate, recommend, roadmap, and structure it
  • Adoption- To be deployed and Bluehive Consulting will provide oversight of the partners
    and vendors
  • Revenue- Ensure the goals of revenue are accounted for
  • Transform- Upgrade the digital abilities that result in sustainable income

We offer 3 months to 1 year retainer that runs adjacent to any organisational development program, and training program.

Let our Technology Adoption Specialist help you to transform your business processes with a quick S.T.A.R.T approach to using technology now.

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