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Find answers to the questions we get asked the most when applying for grants below.

On March 2020, it was announced that EDG grant support will be raised to 90% until December 2020. However, 90% is on a case-by case basis and usually meant for companies adversely affected eg. F&B. For other companies, the grant support level is raised from previous 70% to 80%.

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There is no cap amount. However, the amount is directly correlated to your annual turnover strictly based on our experience.

You must be an SME that meets these criteria:
• Registered and operating in Singapore
• Local shareholding of at least 30%
• Be a viable business with track record

In general, startups are not eligible for EDG. They are supported under another programme known as Startup SG. For more information, click here for Startup SG’s website.

If you are a sole proprietor or with less than 3 employees, the chances are reduced when applying for a grant. Consideration is given to companies with plans to expand and hire more staff.

• Last 3 years Profit & Loss Statement and Balance Sheet
• Consulting firm’s proposal
• Consultant’s certification
• Other documents depending on the grants you are applying for

It takes 8 to 12 weeks for a reply. Clarity of proposal and application will hasten the approval process.

You will receive a letter of offer which you must accept within a time frame within the business grant portal. Or you will receive a letter of rejection.

Your company can work with experienced consultants to ensure that your application has all correct relevant information. Activities that are vague or appear to non-relevant to the project may cause delays on project approval and may require more information from vendors before the project can be approved.

Yes, you may apply for multiple projects at the same time. Sufficient internal resources must be available to handle each project. And there must be proof to show that you can fund the project.

Yes. With effect from 1 April 2020, SMEs will need to commit to improving workers’ outcome, such as creating more jobs or increasing wages.

Depending on the scope of your project, the timeline could range from 3 to 12 months. This includes time to establish proposed objectives and conduct research. Our typical branding project takes about 3 to 6 months.

Yes! Consultants from Bluehive Consulting are certified and accredited by TÜV SÜD PSB and this certification is recognised by Enterprise Singapore.

The application process would be complicated for some.

If you have officially appointed us as your consultant, we are more than happy to guide you on the application and take you through the complete process including advising you on the claims process

What People Are Saying About Us

Meet our happy clients and find why our Agency is the preferred choice.

Seatware Haus appointed Bluehive for our Strategic Marketing and Rebranding EDG Grant project. Impressed that the team understand our furniture business very well and was able to define our rebranding. The team understands the challenges face by SMEs and is always willling to go the extra step to help our business. High recommended.


Melissa Aw
Design Director, Seatware Haus Pte Ltd

Serene and her team offer excellent strategic branding and marketing services as certified branding consultants. Highly recommended for companies looking for re-branding locally and internationally.

Gerald Y
Partner, Real Inbound Consulting

Bluehive Consulting was a pleasure to work with. They are true professionals and able to deliver to your needs. We ask them to help us rebrand our services and they more than delivered with their great strategy and business sense. Highly recommended if you are looking for a tried and tested brand consultant that has the relevant industry experience and truly delivers. Thank you Serene

Lynette Foo
Managing Director, Palate Sensations Culinary School, Singapore

Creative Culinaire The School and Caffe Pralet had the pleasure of engaging the services of Serene from Bluehive Consulting. She was the consultant for our website and did a wonderful job revamping it. Serene and her team also conceptualized new ideas and projects to strengthen our brand image and sales takings for both companies. Friendly, calm, positive, knowledgeable and very experienced in her field, Serene has become not just a consultant, commissioned to help our business grow but also a cherished friend who lends a listening ear in our journey as entrepreneurs. Indeed we will not hesitate to recommend Bluehive Consulting to anyone who would like to grow and strengthen his company.

Judy Koh
Founder & Executive Chef, Creative Culinaire The School and Caffe Pralet

We engaged Serene and her team to work on the branding and marketing assets for Mation Asia. I am impressed that they could understand our business model fast and well enough to develop our branding strategies for the Asian Pacific Markets. Serene and the team at Bluehive demonstrated a deep understanding of not only branding and marketing, but a strong business sense and thorough understanding of how businesses work. I strongly recommend Bluehive Consulting to companies looking into B2B Marketing and Global Branding.

Michael Lee
Mation IoT Solutions

We engaged Bluehive Consulting for the brand and product development for Bodega in a new market. I am impressed with the work delivered; which was within a short time frame.  The founders’ expertise, industry experiences and their network in the F&B related and Consumer Appliances industry is indeed beneficial for companies looking to launch their brands or products in a short time frame effectively.  Bluehive is more than a branding or creative agency, I am impressed by the business experiences of the team and their network in Europe and Asia Pacific; and the fact that they can connect you fast to their industry network of distributors.

Roger Lee
Bodega Living Pte Ltd

Bluehive has effectively helped us to launch a brand successfully in a tough market within a short time frame as well as develop an efficient team to manage the business! Bluehive is also doing a great job helping us to build our portfolio of home interiors, appliances, furniture brands. Serene’s expertise and experience in this industry is a great contributing factor to our success.

Dennis Rahardja
Magran Group, Indonesia

Bluehive Consulting has been helping us to develop our brand, marketing and product strategies for Javanegra; both in Indonesia and Singapore. We are also impressed with their expertise in helping us with the supply chain management, product development and training our sales and marketing team. Serene’s understanding of the F&B industry in Asia Pacific and her business network and her business domain knowledge is indeed helpful for brand owners like Javanegra looking to launch their brands with limited time and budget.

Reni Alhadad
Javanegra Rainforest Coffee, Indonesia

The team of consultants from Bluehive Consulting LLP was very professional and efficient in providing their branding and strategic reports to assist Winstudio Architects. We requested them to expedite the process in view of the ongoing pandemic so that my company can begin the marketing programme as soon as possible. They delivered both reports according to plan and exceeded our expectations both in the positioning and range of marketing outreach that we can create across various social media platforms. Highly recommended if your company provides Interior Design, Architecture, Kitchen, Retail or home appliances services, as Bluehive have been the lead consultants for similar companies in the past.

Winston Lim
MD & Principal Architect, Winstudio Architects

How do we work with you?

Our Consultants will work closely with you to advise you on the application process.  No fees will be charged until project is approved for funding


A 30 mins Consultation with our experienced lead Consultant to work with you to identify your business needs and if it needs to pivot for challenging time ahead.


In depth proposal will be presented to you and will be refined based on priorities, timeline, budget, etc.


Apply for relevant grants and Bluehive will embark on the project when you accept the in-principle financial support from Enterprise Singapore.


Bluehive works closely with you as we progress through the project. keeping to timelines & deliverables.


BLuehive compiles and submits all reports and deliverables to you to submit and claims to Enterprise Singapore.


We work with clients across industries to rebrand and build their presence online

Fennel & Komala Vilas

Rebranding for one of Singapore’s most established Indian Vegetarian restaurant. Conceptualised a new brand to appeal to a new group of target audience

Asia Excel Pte Ltd

Alignment of brand to the company’s new business objectives. Rebranding to appeal to the younger Gen Y and Gen Z homeowners who are primarily online

Palate Sensations Culinary School

Rebranded Singapore’s most established culinary school and developed a new business concept as part of the marketing strategy

Winstudio Architects

Branding & Strategic Marketing to align the brand to the new business objectives of offering additional value add services and expand reach overseas to South East Asia

AG Audit & Assurance

Rebranded with new name & brand guidelines. Develop marketing strategy for the company to expand service offerings and expand overseas to Malaysia, Indonesia & Vietnam

Webber Kitchen Appliances

Full Brand Concept Development with GTM strategy to grow overseas and setting up of showroom and events in Indonesia