Experiential marketing is engaging consumers using a brand-themed experiences in order to leave an unforgettable impression on the consumers. It is essentially creating an immersive live experience that allows consumers to connect with the brand and build lasting memories which encourage them to share about the experience online or through word-of-mouth.

Firstly, experiential marketing is a uniquely brisk and effective method to build brand awareness as the brand is able to interact and communicate with its consumers as well as stimulate all their senses which ignites emotions that assist in the formation of memories which have been shown to be one of the key factors to building strong brand loyalty. Secondly, experiential marketing allows the brand to connect with its consumers in an genuine and relatable manner which helps to build brand loyalty as well. This also creates a two-way communication channel with consumers which will help to humanise the brand so consumers can better relate to it. Lastly, it also provides the opportunity for consumers to interact with the brand and create unbelievable experiences that will assist in building stronger trust and loyalty with current consumers as well as entice future or potential consumers to learn more about your brand.

At Bluehive, we focus on enabling consumers to experience a brand and as mentioned above, experiential marketing allows companies to form memorable, emotional connections with their customers through immersive activities in order to foster loyalty and improve customer lifetime value.

Benefits of experiential marketing:

  • Creates brand awareness
  • Increases brand loyalty
  • Cultivates a positive brand image
  • Creates real-life experiences that will be remembered
  • Provides a personal connection with the consumer
  • Word-of-mouth marketing shared through individual experience with the brand
  • Allows consumers to experience the company‚Äôs product or service first hand
  • It is not intrusive and reaches out to consumers when and where they are most happy
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