Online vs Offline Marketing

Why not Both?

Integrated marketing is the process of aligning, coordinating and delivering a consistent, seamless, customer-centric content experience across all channels.

Integrated marketing is not new, but it has reached critical importance now due the new digital economy. With increasing marketing channels, consumers are being bombarded with messages and content — standing out in a sea of content requires strong strategy and consistent messaging across the user journey online and offline.

Since content is the common currency of every market and consumer touchpoint, integrated marketing increases operational efficiency and drives superior performance through collaboration.

At Bluehive, we work with you to harness the benefits of both online and traditional marketing to achieve better results from your campaigns and reduce marketing costs. Why Integrated Marketing here to stay and not just a buzzword:

  • Greater Brand Visibility
  • Increased Media Coverage
  • Thought Leadership Within Your Industry
  • Clear and Consistent Messaging
  • Improved Search Results
  • Saves Costs and Maximise Campaign Effectiveness

At Bluehive Consulting, offer a comprehensive range of marketing services:

1. Integrated Marketing Strategy:

  • Strategic Brand & Marketing
  • Campaign Developments
  • Inbound / Contents Marketing
  • Lead Generation Marketing
  • Collaborative Marketing
  • Experiential Marketing
  • Ambassador Marketing
  • Cause or CSR Marketing

2. Digital Marketing: 

  • Website Design & Build
  • Social Media Campaigns & Integrations
  • SEO / SEM / Google Adwords
  • Online Leads Generation
  • Online Ads Management, A/B Testing, Optimisation, Tracking
  • Analytics and Reports
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3. Marketing Collaterals, Design & Development Creative Designs & Adaptation across various platforms

  • Catalogues / Brochures
  • Posters / Banners
  • Recipe Books
  • Installation and User Guides
  • Training Manuals
  • Marketing Presentation
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