An operating model can depict the way an organisation conducts its business today and it can also be an operating model of the future that combines digital technologies and process-improvement capabilities in an integrated sequence way to improve customer journeys and internal processes. It is a set of documents that ever changing, just like an organisation chart. 

The operational model design can help different participants of the model design to understand how the whole organisation works, and help facilitate change and ensure that all areas of change are kept in check. It can also help management define strategy and translates the strategy into operating requirements and decisions. It also helps management identify problems and underlying issues that are causing lower efficiency and poor performance by coming up with a diagnosis and a solution to the problem. The most common purpose for using this model is to facilitate alignment of how managers/supervisors in different functions or divisions work together to achieve a common goal for the benefit of the organisation.

It can also help management identify capabilities that are essential for delivery of products/services, the strategy importance to achieve a particular goal, to outsource to third party suppliers or manage in-house, determine if the business has high or low maturity and the focus of operational pain points. It can also give the organisation’s management an understanding of how a desirable system looks like and steps to close the gap the current operational system of the organisation and the desired state. Additionally, the operations model design helps management determine the scale of operations, whether is it on a team level, department level, a whole line of products/services or an organisational level.

Bluehive Consulting works closely with our clients to define the optimal next generation operating model that provides speed, precision and flexibility to unlock new sources of value and radically reduce costs.

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