Procurement is the act of acquiring goods or services for the purpose of doing business as typically business need to solicit services or purchase goods on a fairly large scale. In the new world economy, procurement needs to break out of its decades old paradigms that are far too prevalent.

The relationship between marketing and procurement is developing as they both aim to deliver a larger value across the business and thus, Bluehive Consulting aims to create a greater alignment this relationship to be able to transform it into a powerful partnership to assist businesses in achieving their marketing goals and business objectives. We will assist in companies in manoeuvring through the many challenges that today’s marketing landscape holds to help our client’s deliver value added content and meet their marketing and business objectives.

A supply chain is a network between a company and its suppliers with the purpose of distributing and producing specific products to the end buyer. Essentially, the supply chain represents the measure taken to get the product or service from its initial stage to the consumers. Many companies develop supply chains in order to reduce cost and stay competitive and with an efficient supply chain, companies will be able to lower their cost and speed up their product cycle.

Bluehive Consulting works with your procurement and supply chain management team to better align and collaborate with strategic partners to better contribute to the overall success of your business.

We help companies define their products and go-to-market strategies by balancing competitive pressure and collaboration with suppliers. We also offer make/buy and in-source/outsource analysis.

Our consultants help define supplier-customer relationship programs to fully leverage on suppliers’ capabilities while guarding against risks of suppliers’ complacency and opportunism.

For the Consumer Electronics and Lifestyle products sectors, Bluehive Consulting can also function as your Asia’s sourcing arm.

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