Professional development presents an advantageous opportunity for employees to broaden their knowledge, but these opportunities is often misunderstood by employers to be expensive. While employees are on training, they also have to give up partially on their working hours hence they may delay work progress. Nonetheless, training and development is beneficial to both the employee and the organisation and the return is of investment is definitely worth the cost and time.

What are the benefits of professional development?

1. Improved employee performance:

The employee who received training is able to perform better in his/her job. The training will give the employee a broader understanding of what their role entails and this will build their confidence. This confidence will enhance their overall performance and will benefit the company. Employees who are competent will allow the organisation to be very competitive in the industry.

2. Increase in employee satisfaction:

Training employees show them that they are valued by the company and thus creating a supportive workplace. Training by the company allows employees to gain access to trainings that they do not know about or would not seek out actively. Employees who feels appreciation and achievement will feel more motivation to do well in their jobs.

3. Having consistency:

A good training program ensures that the employees have a constant experience and background knowledge that will be relevant to company’s procedures and consistency. The training guides employees to be aware of the company’s expectations and procedures that will help to increase efficiency which results in a financial gain for the company.

4. Increase productivity and quality of work:

When employees are trained, they increase efficiency of the company which will ensure success and increase potential market share.

5. Increase innovation in new products:

Training encourages employees’ creativity which they may form new ideas and innovate new strategies and products.

6. Low employee turnover:

When employees feel valued and satisfied, they are less likely to leave and thus lowering recruitment costs.

7. Company reputation:

If a company provides training to its employees, it may also attract potential employees that is interested to upgrade themselves.

Bluehive Consulting offers effective professional training programs that improves overall work performance and individual contribution to the organisation.

We provide teams and individuals with the essential skills for the new global economy such as:

  • Effective public speaking and writing skills
  • Maximising productivity and engagement at work
  • Build strong partnerships and collaborations with co-workers
  • Manage conflicts and stress in the workplace
  • Inspire colleagues with their improved confidence and professionalism
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