The act of selling in the present competitive economy requires employees to possess a specific well-honed skill set and competencies required to cultivate and preserve good relationships which consist but are not limited to comprehensive knowledge of the selling and buying process, active listening, communication skills, being able to pinpoint the reasons as to why consumers make purchases, conflict management and problem-solving.

Our sales and customer service training are developed to assure that individuals are able to comprehend the theoretical elements of customer service and sales, how to apply them to real life situations as well as how to improve their service performance so they are able to aid in customer retention and cultivate long-term customer loyalty. This also ensures that the service quality delivered to the customers that choose to patronise your business will exceeds their expectation so they are not simply satisfied but delighted which will then encourage them to promote your business via word-of mouth and endorse your products or services. Thus, helping the organisation to create a competitive advantage and increase customer retention, driving a continuing relationship that ensure a stream of revenue in the future which will aid in increasing revenue and meeting your business objectives.

Sales and Customer Service hold the key to building customer loyalty and increasing new businesses while maintaining existing revenue. It is also extremely important to understand your consumer’s needs as it is an essential factor that contributes to the designing and distributing a successful product or service. It is therefore imperative to have effective teams who can better contribute to the overall company’s success. Bluehive Consulting offers customised training to help your teams develop the essential skills to:

  • Deliver compelling presentations / pitches to customers
  • Conduct cold and warm calling with confidence
  • Nurture potential customer relationships and quality leads
  • Negotiate successfully with clients, partners and stakeholders
  • Provide exceptional service that builds customer loyalty
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