Strategic Marketing is the process of planning, developing and performing manoeuvres that place an emphasis on an organisation’s strengths in order to obtain a competitive edge and help distinguish a company from its competitors. A comprehensive strategic marketing plan is necessary in order to outline and simplify a direct map of a company’s objectives and the approach needed to achieve them. It also assists in offering value and solutions to a company’s target market and allows the company to discover the needs of the targeted consumers and fulfill those needs in a cost-effective and prompt fashion.

In today’s ever changing business landscape where resources are limited and competition is rife, it is all the more critical for businesses to possess well-targeted sustainable growth plans. At Bluehive Consulting, we help our clients create a comprehensive marketing strategy that integrates selected and targeted marketing tactics in order to enhance and maximize your marketing plan. Strategic Marketing also assists in ensuring that all marketing efforts are aligned with the goals of the overall marketing plan, detailing comprehensive marketing goals and how to go about achieving these goals to ensure that your organisation targets the right segments and reaches its business goals and objectives.

Why do you need a strategic marketing plan?

  • Differentiate your business from your competitors by capitalising on your unique strengths and capabilities
  • Enable your business to make the best use of your resources
  • Create a highly targeted sales offer to your ideal market
  • Identify emerging market opportunities that is worth your time to pursue
  • Assess the current positioning and performance of your organisation which assists in planning for future marketing activities
  • Helps in establishing a clear marketing objectives
  • Streamlines product development -helps create the optimal products and services for the consumers
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