Factors of branding

Brand First, Market Second.

Branding is a need, not a luxury.​

We live in a world that is dominated by brands. In the new digital economy, small businesses can no longer assume that branding is only for the bigger companies with massive budgets.​

A brand inspires trust. It is the single most powerful and unifying statement that embodies an organisation’s culture and values and once well established, can create incremental value. ​

Unfortunately, the importance of branding is often undervalued; and in actual fact, it is small businesses that need to leverage branding more than their well-established counterparts.​

Here are some important benefits of Branding:​

  • Translate your brand values and message clearly​
  • Build trust and reaffirm your credibility​
  • Build an emotional connection with your audience
  • Generate goodwill and loyalty​
  • Motivate your potential audience to buy or take the next step
  • Increase in Business Value​

At Bluehive Consulting, we work with Brand and Business owners on the following:

1. Logo Design
2. Brand Messaging
3. Brand Positioning
4. Brand Voice
5. Style Guide
6. Social Media Branding

A well defined and executed brand strategy affects all aspects of your business and make your brand stands out in an increasingly competitive environment. We offer a 360° branding services:

  • Branding Strategy & Roadmap​
  • Brand Creation & Development​
  • Brand Identity Guidelines
  • Contents Creation, Storytelling, Copywriting
  • Visual and Verbal Identity
  • Tone of Voice and Messaging
  • Naming, Logo Creation
  • Branded Space
  • Packaging and Creative Designs
  • Business, Marketing, Pitch Decks Creation

The team at Bluehive has worked with many companies to develop brands from scratch; rebrand and improve on their brand positioning and brand strategies. We have worked with B2B clients as well as those in the Lifestyle, Retail, Consumer Electronics, Fashion and F&B & related related industries.

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