Patrice Charbon & Serene Kwok
Founders of Bluehive

"Bluehive Consulting is dedicated to
empowering brands and business owners to
navigate the new economy with resilience and agility"

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More than a Creative Agency

Our team is made up of industry experts in their respective fields, be it Global Branding, Business Transformation and Financial Management. We lend our real world business expertise to grow your brand and business.

We Think Global and Act Local

Our anchorage in Paris, London, Jakarta and Singapore allow us to keep our pulse on the European and Southeast Asia markets while our local market knowledge can help you to launch your business into these markets effectively and translate any foreign brands’ DNA into a valuable local promise.

Branding Experts with Global Networking

Global Branding & Consumer Products Experts in the team means we can help you develop winning branding and marketing strategies of new and existing products and services. Bluehive’s clients are predominantly in the Lifestyle, Consumer Products, Home Interiors and F&B related sectors, thus we do not only connect you to your customers but also valuable networking partners.

Comprehensive Business Solutions

From developing your brand’s DNA to funded Strategic Business Plans to Digital Automation, our team of Certified Consultants can help you to craft out the most effective implementation plans and execution
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