At Bluehive, we offer a comprehensive suite of training programs, each meticulously designed to empower your team, upskill your workforce, and prepare them for the demands of the new economy. Our training portfolio covers a wide range of essential business areas, including Cultural Competence, Digital Marketing Strategies specific to Asian markets, Customer Experience Excellence, Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility, as well as cutting-edge topics like Data Protection and Agile Methodologies. We understand the importance of an inclusive and socially responsible workforce, which is why our CSR training focuses on creating an inclusive workforce and effectively working with clients with special needs.

Our team of experienced and certified trainers is not only adept at delivering these high-impact training modules but also specializes in customizing training solutions to meet your specific business needs. We recognize that each organization has unique challenges and goals, and our tailored training programs are designed to address them precisely. Furthermore, to make these transformative training experiences more accessible, various funding options are available. We encourage you to speak with us to explore these opportunities and discover how Bluehive’s training services can significantly contribute to the growth and evolution of your team and your business in today’s dynamic economic landscape.

Cultural Competence and International Business

Cultural Intelligence: Enhancing understanding and skills to work effectively across diverse cultures.
International Negotiation: Techniques and strategies for successful cross-border negotiations.
Export and International Sales Strategy: Developing strategies for expanding business globally.

Marketing and Digital Strategy

Digital & Social Media Marketing in China and Korea: Tailored strategies for effective digital marketing in these specific markets.

Content Development and Digital Marketing Optimization: Creating and leveraging digital content for marketing success. From Tiktok video creation to managing KOLs, we will hold your hand to define snd optimise your marketing strategies and budget

Customer Experience and Service Excellence

Channel Management & Understanding Omni-Channel: Mastery of multi-channel sales strategies and customer touchpoints.
Customer Experience Journey: Mapping and enhancing the customer’s interaction with the brand.
Handling Service Challenges: Strategies for addressing and resolving service-related issues.
Manage Operations for Service Excellence: Operational strategies for delivering superior service.

Sustainability, Corporate Responsibility, and Inclusion

ESG and Corporate Sustainability Strategies: Integrating environmental, social, and governance factors into business practices.
Carbon Footprint Calculation and Management: Techniques for measuring and managing environmental impact.
Circular Economy & Waste Management: Sustainable business practices focusing on resource efficiency.
ESG Regulatory Frameworks and Reporting: Navigating legal requirements and reporting standards in sustainability.
CSR Training – Inclusive Workforce: Developing an understanding and strategies for creating an inclusive workforce.
Working with Clients with Special Needs: Training on how to effectively and respectfully work with clients who have special needs, ensuring accessibility and inclusivity in service delivery.

Data Protection and Cybersecurity

PDPA (Personal Data Protection Act): Understanding and complying with data protection laws.
Cybersecurity & Anti-Scam Awareness: Strategies to protect against digital threats and scams.

Innovation and Agile Methodologies

Innovation & Customer-Centric UX Design through Design Thinking: Leveraging design thinking for innovative solutions.
Agile & Scrum: Implementing agile methodologies for efficient project management.

Professional and Personal Development

Project Management: Skills and techniques for effective project planning and execution.
Persuasive Communication Strategies: Enhancing skills for influential communication.
Effective Presentation Skills: Techniques for impactful public speaking and presentations.
People and Performance Management: Strategies for managing and motivating teams.
Inspiring Mindset, Teamwork, Innovation and Ownership: Fostering a positive and productive work environment.

Strategic Marketing Development
for Bodega Living

As a newcomer to the Singapore market, Bodega Living sought the expertise of an experienced consultancy, Bluehive, to help develop a comprehensive Strategic Marketing Plan, complete with a Go-to-Market Roadmap. Utilizing their deep understanding of the appliances industry, Bluehive helped Bodega Living establish a consistent brand image across all touchpoints, including their website, social media, packaging, and advertising.

Through targeted marketing efforts and networking, Bluehive was able to introduce Bodega Living to key market players in Singapore such as interior designers, sommeliers, and private home owners, positioning the brand as a strong, recognizable, and differentiated player in the modular and customizable wine storage solutions space. Thanks to this successful strategy, within just two years Bodega Living has become a leading player in its industry in Singapore.

Brand Conceptualisation & Development
for Webber Kitchen Appliances

Our client needed a new brand of kitchen appliances to capture a niche market in Indonesia. Bluehive conceptualised the brand, manage the product sourcing and development, created a strategic marketing plan with product marketing, retailer marketing and crafted a digital marketing roadmap for the brand.

Webber appliances are now available online, in exclusive retail stores and fitted in some of Indonesia’s most prestigious hotels and residences such as St Regis.

Showroom setup
for De Dietrich in Jakarta

Designing a visually stunning showroom is one thing, but creating an effective layout for showcasing kitchen appliances and optimizing the customer experience requires a level of expertise and experience. Recognizing this, De Dietrich’s distributor in Indonesia turned to Bluehive to collaborate with their interior designer on the design and environmental branding of Southeast Asia’s largest De Dietrich Product Gallery, La Galerie De Dietrich in Jakarta.

Leveraging our deep knowledge of kitchen appliances, Bluehive was able to create an optimized layout plan that effectively showcased the full range of De Dietrich’s products, with a particular focus on the live kitchen space which was used to host weekly culinary classes with guest chefs.

The result was a highly successful showroom that was well received by the building and construction industry, as well as high-end consumers.

Rebranding for Rina Electrical

As an established luxury appliance retailer in Singapore, Rina Electrical knew they needed to up their digital game in order to stay competitive and reach new audiences. That’s why they turned to Bluehive to help them grow their online presence.

Bluehive worked closely with Rina Electrical to completely rebrand the company, including identifying upcoming industry trends and developing a clear value proposition. This was used to create a new messaging and content strategy that would better resonate with both new and existing customers.

The results were impressive – within just three months, Bluehive was able to significantly boost Rina Electrical’s digital presence, drive traffic to both their store and website, generate leads online, and ultimately grow sales. Rina Electrical is now better positioned to compete and succeed in the digital age.

Lifestyle Communications & Digital Marketing Advertising for Irinox Fresco Elite

Luxury Appliances Retailer Eldric Marketing is looking to target not just F&B Owners but also a selected group of end consumers. By developing a digital marketing strategy which included collaboration with KOLs, Bluehive is able to successfully generate leads online for this new appliance.

Eldric Marketing is also ready to launch Irinox Fresco Elite in the regional markets with the digital assets and contents created by Bluehive.

Recipe Book for EF

By collaborating with one of Singapore’s most established chef and culinary school to curate a series of modern recipes on EF’s ovens, Bluehive is able to help EF appliances to elevate its brand positioning and appeal to a wider target audience.

Besides showcasing the USPs of the appliances, EF is also able to increase its brand awareness & engagements with potential and existing customers.

Brand Conceptualisation & Development for Evita

The team at Evita Living has curated a range of quality air and water purification appliances. They needed help in the conceptualization and development of a brand that aligns with the products’ USPs and resonates with its target audience.

Bluehive successfully created Evita’s brand identity, personality, and messaging; as well as creating the visual and verbal elements, such as a logo, tagline, and messaging all within 2 months for launch in Singapore

Business Transformation for Asia Excel – Pivoting to an OmniChannel Retailer

As a pioneer in the industry, Asia Excel recognized the need to adapt to the ever-evolving digital landscape and appointed Bluehive to spearhead their organizational transformation into an omnichannel retailer.

Together, we implemented new technology and software solutions to enhance the customer experience and elevate the company’s digital brand presence.

This strategic move enabled Asia Excel to scale their business and position themselves for successful expansion into international markets.


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