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At Bluehive Consulting, we take great pride in the success of our clients and the impact of our branding and marketing services. We have worked with a diverse range of businesses, including coffee roasters, cafes, food courts, and restaurants, helping them to elevate their brands and scale their operations.

Our team of experts lends their expertise and creativity to each project, delivering results that are tailored to the unique needs of each client. Our extensive knowledge and connections within the industry enable us to provide expert guidance to both new businesses and established brands. Whether you are looking to launch a new concept, or revitalize an existing brand, we can help. Our services range from brand conceptualization and design, including new logos and visual identities, to the development of effective digital marketing strategies that increase your online brand presence.

Foundational Branding

Foundational Branding is a comprehensive approach to brand positioning that goes beyond the surface level. Our team will work closely with yours to fully understand the essence of your brand, uncovering its unique identity and personality.

We begin by conducting a thorough analysis of your company / brand, upcoming trends, competition, and offerings. This information is used to develop your positioning statement, a compelling brand story, a set of defined brand attributes, and visually-appealing direction options; which will serve as the foundation for your brand, providing a solid foundation for all future branding and marketing efforts.

Foundational branding might also include environmental design if required. Environmental design refers to the physical design of your space and how it aligns with the overall brand. This includes elements such as your logo, signage, color palette, typography, and imagery, as well as the atmosphere, lighting, and layout.

We can work with your interior designer to ensure that your physical space will reinforce your brand’s message, values, and positioning. This can include creating a specific atmosphere that aligns with the brand’s identity, such as a cozy and welcoming space for a cafe that positions itself as a neighborhood hangout spot.

Additionally, the visual identity of the cafe should be consistent across all touchpoints, from the exterior of the building, to the decor, menus, packaging, and promotional materials. Environmental design is an important aspect of foundational branding because it helps to create a consistent and cohesive brand experience for customers, both online and offline.

Brand Concept Development & Naming

Brand concept development and naming for a F&B business involves a series of steps to define and create a unique and compelling brand identity. The process starts with research to gain a deep understanding of the market, the target market, and the competition. The next step is defining the brand’s positioning, value proposition, and differentiators that set it apart from the competition.

The naming process is a crucial step in developing a restaurant’s brand concept as it sets the foundation for the brand’s identity and helps to communicate the brand’s message, values, and positioning to customers. A well-crafted name can help to create a memorable and distinct brand that stands out in the competitive landscape of the F&B industry.

Logo Development

A logo is a crucial aspect of your business, it serves as a powerful symbol that represents the essence of your restaurant. It’s essential to ensure that the logo accurately reflects your brand positioning, attributes, and visual direction. Our team will present you with a range of logo options that align with your approved branding direction, and we will also help you identify brand colors, font styles, and develop any necessary supporting icons.

The final logo, color scheme, typography and icons will be the foundation of your brand identity and will be used consistently across all your marketing and branding materials. Additionally, we will help you to register your trademark locally and in markets where you will operate in, this will help you to protect your brand identity and secure your brand in different markets.

Menu Design & Other Branding Materials

At Bluehive, we understand the importance of a cohesive brand identity and experience. That’s why we offer a full range of menu design services to ensure that your dine-in menu aligns with the visual direction of your F&B Concept. Our team will work closely with you to create a visually-appealing, full-color, customized dine-in menu and other branding materials that accurately reflects your brand and is consistent across all customer touchpoints. Additionally, we can also help you design other F&B packaging materials, such as coffee cups, takeaway boxes, staff uniforms, and any other materials required to enhance your customer’s experience.

Website Design & Copywriting

Your website is the digital storefront of your brand, and its design sets the tone for every online visitor. When potential customers come across your site, they will quickly form an impression based on the design and how well it represents your brand. Invest in your business and make a lasting impression with a strategic website design that accurately reflects your brand’s essence.

At Bluehive, we understand the importance of website design that aligns with your branding. We work with you to understand your business goals and tailor the design to attract the right leads and traffic for your organization, whether it be locally or nationally. Our team is dedicated to providing an exceptional web design experience, and we also offer copywriting services that are in line with your messaging strategy to ensure cohesive branding throughout your website. Trust us to elevate your brand through a visually stunning and effective website design.

Digital Marketing & Contents Development

We specialize in developing and managing comprehensive digital advertising campaigns across various social media platforms. Our services include strategy development, graphic design, copywriting, and detailed reporting on results to give you a clear understanding of the ROI.

Our team of experienced copywriters will craft compelling, on-brand content tailored to your target audience. We will then market this content across various platforms, including your blog, social media channels, email outreach, and more. By creating a content marketing plan that includes recurring, well-crafted blogs, we aim to provide valuable and relevant information to your audience and turn them into loyal brand advocates. This fresh, relevant and optimized content will also help to boost your search engine ranking.

Test Kitchen Services with Menu & Recipes Development

A test kitchen is a space where chefs and food developers can experiment with new recipes and menu items before they are introduced to the public. We offer a panel of chefs as well as a test kitchen to help new startups or new F&B concepts take off – from menu development for F&B businesses as a way to test new recipes, ingredients, and cooking methods before introducing them to customers. This allows chefs and food developers to fine-tune recipes, make adjustments, and ensure that new menu items are of high quality and meet customer expectations.

In our test kitchen, chefs and food developers can also try out new cooking techniques, equipment, and technologies, as well as test new ingredient combinations, flavors and seasonings. They can also create new dishes that are in line with the latest food trends and preferences of the target market. We also offer our test kitchens for training and development of the kitchen staff, and for testing, and developing new food products for the retail market.

Rebranding & Strategic Marketing for Komala Vilas

Singapore’s most established Indian Vegetarian restaurant Komala Vilas was looking to rebrand itself for the new economy. With funding from Enterprise Singapore.

Bluehive successfully rebranded Komala Vilas and developed a strategic marketing roadmap for the company. The company was rebranded with a new logo, typography and new contents and messaging strategies. .

Rebranding is often used to communicate a new direction or focus for the company with the 3rd Gen management, and to appeal to new customers or markets.

New Concept Development with Foundation Branding for Komala Vilas

One of Singapore’s heritage brands, Komala Vilas has been serving indian vegetarian meals in Little India since 1947. The 3rd Generation owners were looking to develop a new F&B Concept to target to the younger, non Indian, non Vegetarian audience in the central part of Singapore.

Bluehive was appointed to work on the foundational branding for Fennel by Komala Vilas which includes logo developments, brand guidelines, design of menu, takeaway food packaging as well as environmental design from in-store branding materials to posters. Bluehive also worked on the design and development of Fennel’s website as well as digital marketing. Fennel by Komala Vilas is now ready for local and overseas expansion.

Foundation Branding for Hennessy Duck

Broadway Group introduced a new F&B concept in Singapore offering herbal roasted ducks to be marketed through its own cooked food stalls and partners’ foodcourts islandwide. With the brand name provided, Bluehive was able to work on the foundational branding which includes logo development, brand guidelines, brand story and environmental branding for its cooked food stalls in coffeeshops. The logo was developed and trademarked all within a month so as to be ready for launch islandwide.

Hennessy Duck has been featured prominently on both local digital news portal, radio station as well as food commentary sites.

Foundational and Environmental branding for Food Dynasty

Foundational Branding for Food Dynasty – Fu Chan Group’s foray into foodcourts management started with the Food Dynasty chain of foodcourts. Bluehive was able to lend our expertise to provide the foundational branding from logo development, brand guidelines development to environmental branding.

Working closely with their interior design, Bluehive ensured that the foodcourts’ space and layout reinforce the brand’s message, values, and positioning. This includes creating a specific atmosphere that aligns with the brand’s identity, such as a vibrant and welcoming space for the office crowd and neighbourhood patrons to hang out for their daily dose of local and international fares.

Brochure and Ecommerce Website Copywriting & Development

Bluehive developed a new e-commerce website for Creative Culinaire The School to attract a younger, less experienced target audience. The website featured a fresh design and copywriting tailored to this demographic, and provided a new revenue stream for the school through the sale of ingredients, cookbooks, etc and online class bookings. As a result, Creative Culinaire saw a 30% increase in class bookings and a 28% boost in sales.

Bluehive also created a brochure for Creative Culinaire’s culinary classes and team-building events, ensuring the copywriting aligned with the new messaging strategy.

Brand Conceptualisationand Foundational Branding for This & That

Broadway Group enlisted Bluehive to develop the brand and name for their new F&B concept, which aims to serve premium mixed rice dishes to the office crowd, with a particular focus on women who prioritize healthy eating. Through research, Bluehive discovered that most mixed rice consumers were male, and that female consumers tended to opt for healthier options.

To appeal to this demographic, Bluehive created a playful brand name “This & That,” referencing the common practice of pointing to different dishes when ordering, and a colorful logo. Despite a tight deadline, Bluehive was able to conceptualize the brand and secure a trademark for the logo within a month, meeting the client’s needs.

Rebranding & Strategic Marketing for Palate Sensations Culinary School

Palate Sensations Cooking School was looking to rebrand itself so as to target new audiences, develop new revenue streams as well as prepare itself for overseas expansion. As a certified PSCMC consultancy recognised by Enterprise Singapore, Bluehive was able to do a full branding and strategic marketing development for Palate Sensations with funding from ESG.

Bluehive successfully rebranded Palate Sensations Cooking School to Palate Sensations Culinary School with a new logo and brand guidelines, developed its contents and messaging strategies to appeal to a wider target audience and increase its average basket prices.. Palate Sensations see an increase in 30% of revenue after 1 year and is now ready for overseas expansion.


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