PSG Digital Marketing Grant

Save 50% on Your Company’s Digital Marketing Costs with PSG Grant Support

Save 50% on Digital Marketing Costs with the Productivity Solutions Grant

With 5 Digital Marketing Solution Packages designed to help SMEs to achieve their Digital Marketing Goals, every SMEs at different state of Digital Maturity can take advantage of the 50% Grant support for their digital marketing needs from SEO, Tiktok Campaigns to Linkedin Leads Generation.

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    What Differentiates Our Digital Marketing Packages
    from the rest?

    We Offer Dedicated Hotline Support for Peace of Mind

    Curated to help local SMEs to thrive in the digital landscape, these Digital Marketing Solutions aimed at helping them to build and increase their brand presence online, elevate their digital marketing strategy, better communicate with target audiences, generate leads and increase sales.

    Bluehive Consulting is not only a digital marketing agency; we a re a consul-gency that combines our real world business expertise, digital marketing capabilities and creativity to help our clients navigate the new Post-COVID economy.

    All our clients will be supported by a Dedicated Account Manager with Service Support (Email, WhatsApp, Dedicated Phone Number).

    Expert Marketing Strategy and Execution

    We are not just a digital marketing agency; we are also a consulting firm that provides expertise in business, brand, and market strategies. We work closely with our clients to determine the digital strategies they truly need, not just the ones they believe they want or the ones that have worked for others. We recognize that every business is distinct, and we believe in providing customized digital marketing solutions that are tailored to your unique requirements.

    Build Your Digital Capabilities

    Our PSG Digital Marketing Packages allows SMEs of any size to promote their brand round the clock. You will receive at least three months of support to gain traction and monitor the results. Our team will keep you informed on a weekly basis with a monthly campaign report, and we’ll hold meetings to take immediate action. We’ll also provide training to your team on how to continue with digital marketing efforts and create digital assets, empowering you to develop your digital marketing capabilities.

    5 Digital Marketing Packages to Cater to All Industries & Stages of Your Digital Journey

    We take pride in offering a diverse range of solutions to meet the unique needs of businesses across all industries, whether they operate in a B2B, B2C, or both environments. As an IMDA-approved PSG vendor, we offer five distinct Digital Marketing packages, eliminating the need for you to search the web for a vendor that suits your industry’s specific requirements. Our approach includes engaging industry experts at every stage of the process, ensuring that our strategies and output are both relevant and effective, regardless of your industry. Since 2018, we have been recognized by Enterprise Singapore as an accredited consulting firm for SMEs. Our team of experts is ready to support you throughout your digital journey, from inception to execution.

    What is PSG?

    The Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG) is an excellent initiative aimed at helping companies improve their business processes through the adoption of IT solutions and equipment. The PSG Digital Marketing Grant for SMEs is a specific program under PSG that encourages businesses to embrace digital technologies and develop strong digital capabilities to capitalize on growth opportunities in the digital economy.

    This grant offers local SMEs the opportunity to receive funding of up to 50% to enhance their online presence. Additionally, they may also qualify for an additional 90% subsidy if they meet the eligibility requirements for the Skills Future Enterprise Credit (SFEC) support. This funding can help SMEs build and strengthen their digital capabilities, increase their market reach, and drive growth with minimal investment.

    To learn more about this grant and how your business can benefit, please visit this link.


    Our Team is Committed to Help You Scale Your Business

    We work with clients from various industries in different markets from Business Consulting, Marketing Activation to Digital Advertising. Speak to us to see how can collaborate.