Enterprise Sustainbility Programme (ESP) Grant

Get up to 70% funding for your sustainability projects through the Enterprise Development Grant. These could include crafting comprehensive sustainability strategies, optimising resources for efficiency and cost-effectiveness, and developing innovative products, services, and solutions aligned with environmental goals. Partner with us for long-term business growth now!

Sustainability Strategy

Integrate environmental, social, and governance objectives seamlessly into your business goals through meticulously crafted sustainability plans. This harmonious alignment ensures enduring growth and cultivates resilience for your company to thrive amidst a dynamic global economy.

Resource Optimisation

Achieve more output with your existing resources by enhancing efficiency and minimising waste.  Employ strategic methods, including technology and best practices, to conserve energy, water, materials, and natural resources, to achieve sustainability while maintaining productivity and profitability.

Product/Service/Solution Development

Innovate responsibly. Let us guide you in creating new solutions which not only meet your requirements but also embrace environmental sustainability. Bring forth a new wave of innovation that builds a brighter future for your business and society.

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