Secrets to Building the Best Facebook Ads Ever.

With over 2.79 billion monthly users, Facebook’s immense popularity as the dominant social media is a testament to its status as one of the leading advertising platforms for businesses. Facebook Ads are hugely effective tools for conversion thanks to its powerful ad targeting function, which enables marketers to streamline their target audience into specific segments like gender, location and even interest. But getting your ads across to the right audience is merely half the battle won –success hinges on its ability to convince your qualified leads into becoming customers. Read on to find out how you can craft the BEST message for your Facebook Ads!

Right Tone on the Right People

It’s more than helpful that Facebook allows you to target a specific audience with ad targeting. However, just like how you would speak differently to your best friend as you would to a stranger, your message tone should vary between different target segments. Speaking in an appropriate tone ensures that prospective customers can resonate with the message your brand is trying to drive across, hence increasing the likelihood of them becoming buyers.

A Simple and Concise Message

Aside from the tone, be sure to deliver your message using simple yet concise language. Focus on bringing out your product’s unique selling points to demonstrate its value to your customers. Avoid flowery language which could dilute the key message of your advertisement. An effective ad is one where customers can easily understand what you’re offering, how it is beneficially to them and how to get them!

Different Ads for Different Target Segments

The biggest strength in Facebook Ads is its ability to target, so never restrict yourself to one-size-fits-all advertising! Get creative and have unique ads for individual customer segments. For example, imagine you’re an electronics retailer selling products including PCs and laptops. You can have PC ads targeting the gaming community alongside laptop ads which may appeal more to work-from-home audiences.

Visually Appealing Ad Images

As important as copywriting is to your Facebook Ads, it is worth noting that effective ads have high click-through rates (CTR) and obviously, people only click on what interests them. Therefore, ads have to be visually appealing to gain the traction it needs. Having relevant and highly attractive visuals alongside your ads will surely elevate its position in the minds of your target audiences!

Include Call-to-Action

With ad targeting and an intricately crafted message firmly in place, your ads should be attracting plenty of attention. But without a clear Call-to-Action, it won’t be long before qualified leads start slipping away like they never existed because these leads aren’t being directed to where they need to be – towards conversion. Therefore, it is necessary to complement your Facebook Ads with a strong call-to-action so that prospective customers can be guided towards the final stages of their purchase journey. Call-to-Action buttons typically lead to an e-commerce website.

Conduct A/B Testing

You’re now ready to launch your Facebook Ad campaign! But before that, how about running some tests to figure out what exactly is your audience looking out for? A/B Testing is a great way to do that. Try running two pairs of different ads – one pair with the same image but a different caption, and vice versa. Comparing the different levels of ad engagement, you will be able to determine whether visuals or text resonates most with your target audience. This allows you to build your Facebook Ads for maximum traction!

Final Thoughts

Facebook Ads are an incredible way to market to the new generation of social media savvy consumers, but they must be optimized to achieve maximum effectiveness. Need help running your social media ad campaigns? Speak to us at! We help businesses achieve better marketing results with social media ads optimization.