Have you ever gotten advertising emails from brands that made you question if you ever subscribed to their newsletter? Well, you did. But top brands make the entire process look so seamless that customers don’t realise that they are sucked into a marketing continuum. Building up a large subscriber base is crucial for effective email marketing, and optimising your sign-up strategy will help you achieve that. Here are some of the best email sign-up strategies!

ErgoTune: Instant rewards

Rewards are a great way to motivate customers to act – even better if it comes in the form of immediate gratification. Popular ergonomic chair brand, ErgoTune, uses a sure-win spin wheel game that features their flagship chair – the ErgoTune Supreme, as one of their prizes! The catch? You got to enter your email to spin.

ErgoTune uses this effective strategy to draw customers into giving up their email address – an absolute masterstroke from an email marketing point of view since the opportunity to win a chair that would otherwise be expensive would be a major motivating factor.

Photograph from ErgoTune.

Adidas: Exclusive discounts

A huge part of a customer’s purchase decision rests on price. Therefore, dishing out exclusive monetary incentives is an excellent way of attracting more email subscribers!

Such benefits could come in the form of free shipping. Sportswear giants Adidas offers free shipping without any minimum spend to exclusive members of its Creator’s Club. The smart use of the word “club” also create exclusivity by granting customers “club privileges” to the latest Adidas offers and promotions. Since it effectively helps your customers save money, dishing out discounts is no doubt a sure-fire strategy to boost your email subscription base, and getting their emails will hardly be a hassle.

Photography from Adidas

The New Yorker: Smart use of words and colour

If handing out rewards and discounts do not fit your business model, it does not spell the end of your email marketing ambitions. That’s because the design of your invitation message can still influence your customers’ ultimate decision.

The New Yorker uses colour to its advantage – not only is the call-to-action the only button that is coloured, but it is also in red to draw attention and create urgency. Conversely, the dismiss button is much less appealing. The cryptic sentence “I don’t want the latest from The New Yorker” gives customers something more to think about when making their decision.

Photography from The New Yorker.

Digiday: Create pop-ups to stand out

Although many websites have a subscribe button at the footer, it is ineffective as it does not capture the attention of web visitors. Having a pop-up changes everything. By putting your message on a plate for your audience, you simplify the sign-up process by eliminating the need for a search.

Digiday has a pop-up subscription message that appears when visitors enter the landing page of its website. This streamlined process creates convenience and hence facilitates a higher sign-up rate.

Photography from Digiday

Convince and Convert: Social Proof

Another great way to convert your web visitors into subscribers is by using social proof! Social proof can come in the form of crowd validation – using your existing subscriber size to convey credibility and authority. A strong social proof can easily convince your audience of your ability to bring value, which will make them likely email subscribers.

Marketing consultants Convince and Convert use crowd social proof by sharing that “90,000 of the world’s smartest marketers” subscribes to their email.

If that many people are doing it, there has to be great content, right? That’s exactly what you should make your audience believe!

Photography from Convince and Convert.


Email newsletters are so often overlooked when it comes to marketing in favour of social media. But why should it? Over 4 billion people in the world use email whereby Facebook, the most popular social media channel, has only 2.8 billion users at the end of 2020!

Stop ignoring email marketing and start tapping on its endless potential! The strategies we shared above will path your way to more email sign-ups tremendously!

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