China is a very large business hub, and with the growing affluence of the population, more and more businesses are looking to infiltrate the Chinese market. Not only that, Chinese tourists, students, PMEBs and expats’ arrivals in Singapore and the region is one of the fastest growing. Engaging Chinese consumers on social media is very different from engaging consumers anywhere else in the world. These are some tips on how to engage Chinese consumers on social media.

Bear in mind that China is a technologically inclined atmosphere.

This means that in order to actively reach out to consumers, ensure that your content should be adapted to local culture and can easily be seen on their local social network from mobile technological devices (Wechat has 900 million users with 90% users in China). Since most people are always on their mobile devices in China, you have better chances of reaching your target market from this platform.

Use short Videos

Due to the fast pace in everyday life in China today, the use of short videos are a very useful way to reach your consumers. Not only are videos direct and compact in passing messages across, but they are also personal and interactive. These are all things that the Chinese consumers look for in products and services.

Use influencers

The Chinese consumer market is one that can be greatly affected by influencers. Due to this, it is wise and advisable to partner with a Chinese influencer; even if not a hugely popular one, any legitimate influencer would go a long way to help you penetrate the Chinese market.

When you consider how the Chinese consumer market is today, these top 3 tips are the most beneficial when trying to penetrate this market. Not only do they ensure that you reach your target market, but they also ensure that you are able to reach them on a personal level.

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