A social media contest is a fantastic way to create some buzz, build brand awareness and promote your products/services on social media. It is an important part of marketing and, if carried out properly, can easily result in your brand being the actual winner of the contest!

Bluehive Consulting has helped our clients make some major wins by doing the following; which we think could help you too!

Set a realistic goal and your budget

When planning a social media contest, it is important to be sure that you set for your brand, a set of realistic goals. These goals should generally be targeted towards boosting your brand, generating new customers/followers, customers’ appreciation. It is also important to set a realistic budget for your social media contest. This budget should include everything from the cost of promotion to the prize of the contest. It is always better to offer something of true value for eg. a no minimum purchase $100 voucher over a $1000 voucher with minimum purchase of $5000. Alternatively, if you are promoting wine fridges and its too costly to offer a free wine fridge as prize, consider giving a wine hamper, a wine-appreciation class or wine accessories that will appeal to the same customers’ segment.

Choose enticing prizes and the right partners

This begins with knowing your target market. Study your market and learn what they are inclined towards. This should help you to choose enticing enough prizes to get your consumers sufficiently interested in your social media contest.

For our kitchen appliances client, we choose to work with a social influencer baker with more than 150,000 followers, and ran a series of contests offering her followers a brand new oven if they follow our client’s page and tag 3 friends who love to bake. That gained us more than 20,000 followers within month with a 1% sales conversion – that was a 200 increase in sales units!

Choose your social network

When you know your target market, and you have chosen a suitable prize, the next step is choosing the most interactive social network platform that allows a large number of consumers to be aware of your contest, get involved and even refer people to participate. Identify if your customers are mostly on Facebook, Instagram or others; and create a easy to understand promotion/ contest message.

The above are some tips that we hope business and brand owners will find helpful. If you need more information or assistance on running your social media contests or need help with your social media contents management, do send me a message for a non obligatory chat!

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