Videos are generally great, and this is simply because we as humans, happen to be very impatient and rather visual creatures. Now this means that we are most likely more inclined to receive a message in visual form, faster than if it was in written or audio form. Marketers are increasingly using social videos to get their messages across to their targeted audience.

Videos are the boss of social media marketing.

When it comes to social media marketing, you really cannot compare a video message and a written message. Videos just have a way of captivating the audience. Videos are catchy and, because we as humans are visual creatures, what better way is there to grab attention? Also, videos are a great way to compress lengthy written contents into minute messages.

Videos are interactive

Video messages are very relatable and interactive for viewers. Unlike written or even audio contents, where one can only try to relate to the message, videos allow viewers to relate more with their message contents, especially so when most of us are visual creatures! This leads viewers to understand the content message on a more personal level.

With the fast pace of development and constant evolution on social media, there is a rising need for a faster and more efficient way of message transfer. It should be no wonder that social videos are a big hit. From the fact that they are easier to understand and relate to, to the fact that they are more entertaining to receive; videos are indeed a big deal for businesses to make an impact in the social media’s space.

Videos need not be expensive to produce!

With the right contents, some good pictures and planning, marketers can now easily produce their own videos on their smartphones, or make use of low cost self production videos making services such as Animoto, etc. If time is not on your side, consider speaking with us at Bluehive Consulting for cost effective social videos production!