Common misconceptions small businesses have about branding

As the most distinct brands are often large global corporations, it is unsurprising that many small businesses think branding is exclusively for the bigger fishes in the pond. This cannot be further from the truth! Quite the contrary, building a strong brand is non-negotiable for small businesses looking to punch above their weight in an increasingly competitive marketplace. Let’s explore the reasons why small businesses MUST focus on branding as their key priority!

Branding creates TRUST

How often are you willing to purchase something from a shop you barely know? Consumers are sceptics, and brand credibility has a massive influence on their purchasing behaviour. Strong branding exhibits a sense of professionalism and assurance of quality. It creates confidence in the company as a trusted provider of goods and services. As customers are assured of their purchases, they will be more willing to spend!

Branding improves RECOGNITION

It is human nature to be more comfortable with something familiar rather than unknown. Translate this theory to branding and you will realise just how impactful creating an instantly recognisable brand can be! Take Nike’s brand strategy for example – the company positions itself as a premium choice for high-quality, fashionable athletic wear. This identity grew and became synonymous with the iconic swoosh, leaving an impression on consumers that Nike is the go-to sportswear brand.  You can be sure that the next time you go looking for a pair of new trainers, Nike inevitably comes to mind!

Branding helps companies DIFFERENTIATE from competitors

Modern shoppers are spoilt for choices when it comes to purchasing due to an increasingly saturated marketplace. Small businesses, due to a lack of brand loyalty, are invariably at risk of being blown out of the water by their more seasoned competitors. Branding adds value to small businesses by displaying its unique selling points, elevating them above the common enterprise. Only by being different can these little brands match up to the bigger boys. Ultimately, sales is about  performance and first impression matters!

Branding SAVES time and money in the long run!

As small businesses tend to operate within constrained budgets, many choose to ignore branding just to save cost. The lack of direction that comes without proper branding often exposes gaping holes in a business’ marketing approach. These businesses often find themselves having to switch their strategy in favour of the current market trends – an extremely time and cost wasting process.

Branding helps small businesses build emotional connections with their consumers by creating brand loyalty. With a strong following of faithful customers, precious time and money can be saved from a streamlined sales process.

Sales may also improve since loyal customers can get extreme in their support for their favourite brands.  The fashion industry perfectly epitomises such blind loyalty – with consumers willing to pay outrageous prices for plain t-shirts emblazoned with flashy designer labels. Therefore, branding is such a powerful marketing strategy that small businesses simply cannot afford to miss out on!


Branding is an absolute necessity for small businesses. It lays the foundations for a sustainable business by building up a strong market for its goods and services. Branding creates trust, enhances recognition, and differentiates small businesses from their competitors to stand out in a saturated market. If you’re a small business owner looking to take your business to the next level, never neglect branding! Check out Bluehive’s branding services here to discover more on how you can develop your brand strategy with our experienced brand consultants.